THANK YOU! What an amazing day & night! Much love for everybody who came and danced with us!



2 stages, one inside and one out. A diverse line-up and fascinating acts will give you a brilliant dance-experience. Expect the unexpected: fun, magic and an exciting line up with various DJ's. An open-minded playground full of happy, passionate and pleasant party people. That must be Unicorn Festival!

Our main stage unites the best hypnotic house grooves and electronic beats: Hush Hefner  B2B  Jean Le Rouge // Liebenskind // Oxes // Gewelt // Borealis // Roean

And what about our second stage? Looking over the borders is always big fun! In the past we invited Amsterdam-based collective Rumour Has It, Julian Stetter and Johannes Klingebiel from Cologne, etc. This year, Unicorns discovered the return of Pop Music! We invited dj Cooper Pleeboy, resident @ Fucking Pop Queers Amsterdam. So we decided to take you on a ride with a stage hosted by the Woodpop Collective!



Meet our Unicows!

We can proudly announce you that this years UNICORN FESTIVAL is powered by Ben&Jerry's! No Unicorn spotted without a delicious ice cream!

Lipton Lounge

Discover some of the most refreshing cocktails at our Lipton Lounge. Chill out and enjoy!

Pixie Cameravan

This cute oldtimer caravan photobooth will be your secret location for some serious Unicorn dress up, don't tell anyone, just keep the picture!

ELEVEN Hairdressers

We invite you to enjoy our ELEVEN Hairdressers! They will transform your gorgeous hair into a colorful wild Unicorn hairdo, with or without the horn!


He's been joining us from the very beginning. He is our dear friend: so no Unicorn Festival without our Unicorn Rodeo and of course, much more fun to discover!!!

We love magic...

A bunch of Unicorns are working 24/7 to spread the magic on our new festival grounds. They are planting colors, twinkles and joy. Discover them on the 8th of July or have a sneak preview on our Facebook/Instagram page!

Spoon food

A healthy alternative to fast food! They make homemade soup, Quiche, Gourmet wraps or let you compose your own salad!

Table d'Ho

Korean Street Food only served for the hottest Unicorns! Still one of the best kept secrets!

Oto Burger

Comfort food made with local products, 100% fresh, 100% artisanal, 100% delicious.